Prize game EUROBASKET 2013


Every purchase of over 15€ will be rewarded with Gift-voucher for Coffee, Pancakes or Pizza! Fulfilling the coupon makes you a participant in prize game »Eurobasket 2013«!

Prizes of »Eurobasket 2013« prize game:
1st prize: track suite of Slovenian national team with signatures of several members
2nd prize: gift voucher for Tavern Bor in amount of 40€
3rd prize: gift voucher for Tavern Bor in amount of 20€

Coupon can also be obtained by answering correctly to the question. The answer should be sent on a postcard to the following address Hit Larix d.d., Borovška cesta 99, 4280 Kranjska Gora. If the answer is correct, we will send you a coupon for participating in the »Eurobasket 2013« prize game.

The prize-winning question is: »How many FIBA Europe tournaments did Slovenian male basketball team take part (not counting this year's tournament)?«.
Purchase is not necessary for participation at the prize game.

The prize game draw will be held on September 22nd at 2.30 pm in Tavern & pizzeria Bor. At the draw all visitors that have obtained and filled the coupon can take place. In case a coupon that is not fullfilled correctly is being withdrawn, it will be considered as invalid.